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Private School Learning Disability Program

Help one LD Student and pay for a high tech learning disability lab that works.

Help Your Struggling Students!


If you are like most private school administrators you face the constant pressure and burden of students who are unable to keep up with your academic program.

  • Every year you lose several students due to learning disabilities
  • Every year you try to help students with learning problems but with little success
  • Every year you are unable to accept new students because of learning difficulties or learning disabilities.

We have an answer…

We can show you how to assist students you have been unable to serve in the past and how to actually help students overcome their learning disabilities permanently. 

We have a complete training and therapy package for you and your teachers to learn how to evaluate students for learning disabilities and to monitor or supervise the computerized Sensory Integration Therapy program.  Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to watch your students regain their enthusiasm for learning!  Students in schools using the ELI program are now making the honor roll.  Failing students are succeeding in areas where they had previously given up all hope.

There are other benefits.  The program is user friendly.  Teachers and students alike learn to use the program in a very short time.  Our complete   package contains all the materials you need to train your teacher(s) or staff persons to operate the program in one day!

The program is also affordable and allows the school to earn a profit if it so chooses.  Parents are allowed to pay on a monthly basis, if you wish.

Don’t let your LD students struggle through another school year of frustration and failure.  We can help!  Call today and let us help you implement this exciting program in your school.

“There is nothing more satisfying than to see a child who thought he couldn’t do it, or felt he was dumb or stupid, suddenly find himself reading and learning and succeeding. Seeing students who had given up on themselves, unable to even look the teacher in the eye, now functioning at grade level with the whole world before them is very satisfying!”

Dr. Robert Salzman


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