Learning Assessment Testing

Learning Disability Evaluations, Testing, and Assessments


Don’t let your child struggle any longer. These evaluation tools will set you and your child on the path for academic and lifelong learning success! Change your student’s behavior and attitude. Start today.

Complete Learning Testing Kit

The kit includes a detailed instructional DVD equipping you or an evaluator of your choice the ability to perform the test in the privacy of your own home. The cost of the learning evaluation kit is deducted from the overall cost of the program upon enrollment. How do I test for a learning disability? Testing with us is quick and accurate.


Completed tests are returned to ELI for an evaluation.

Parents receive a comprehensive report defining the learning difficulty or areas of deficiency with recommendations for correction.

Also includes Diagnostic Screening Tests for Reading and Spelling, and a placement test for the suggested therapy.

Complete Testing Kit

 testing-evaluation kit $279.00
  • Training DVD for Testing Procedures
  • Information on Learning Disabilities
  • Sensory Integration Therapy Information
  • Parent Evaluation Form
  • Client Information Sheet
  • 1 Stimulus Card Flip Chart
  • 1 Learning Efficiency Test
  • 1 Diagnostic Screening Test: Reading
  • 1 Diagnostic Screening Test: Spelling
  • 1 Placement Test

Evaluation and Results

Written and computerized tests are administered by you in the privacy of your own home.  Completed tests are returned to ELI for an evaluation results.  Parents receive a comprehensive report defining the academic strengths and weaknesses as well as the material mastered and not mastered.

Learning Problems, reading problems, learn to read, Learning Assesment Test and EvaluationOur certified personnel will score the evaluation and mail you ASAP:

  •       * A multi-page Evaluation

  •       * An individualized LD therapy strategy

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Complete Testing Kit

Testing-evaluation kit for $279.00
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Because you are a caring parent, you recognize the frustration your son or daughter is experiencing. You want answers!  Order an Evaluation Kit today and help us unlock the mystery and serve up a detailed plan. Need more information? Call us and leave a message.