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About Essential Learning Institute (ELI)

Essential Learning Institute  is based in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia. We are the first to provide this state-of-the-art program online.

ELI has over twenty five years of experience assisting learning disabled individuals improve their lives through targeted visual and auditory therapy.

There are two common mistakes that most families with learning disabled students make. 

  1. Families with a learning disabled child often try to solve learning problems using methods that have failed the educational establishment for decades and thereby frustrate their children.
  2. They also may resort to expensive tutoring programs that at best only help children to pass tests. Actual learning seldom occurs and then the family is forced to pay for another expensive block of tutorial sessions.
It seems hopeless, but don’t despair, you’re about to discover the crucial success tools that the vast majority of LD families have completely overlooked.

Why are these tools so often ignored or overlooked?

Because many think learning disabilities are something you are born with. Many believe that learning disabilities cannot be corrected — at best we can only compensate for them.

But the truth is very different. You simply haven’t been shown the latest tools that make it relatively easy to correct most learning problems. This incredible technology is available to us today and when you see it, we promise you that you will be encouraged and amazed.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that your child’s learning problems will be a thing of the past — in just a few short months.

We have been solving learning problems since 1989. Literally thousands of clients have used our programs and we can count on one hand the number of students we have been unable to help.

Most clients have been brought to grade level functionality in less than 130 at-home sessions.

What is truly amazing is, our Home Therapy sessions are administered (by you) in the comfort of your home! We support you through the whole process.

You are not alone! We help you every step of the way! Using 800 number access, and email contact to our highly trained staff, and online monitoring of our self managed programs, we will support you as you walk through the whole process.