How it works

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Observing students that are going through the paces of Essential Learning Systems™ therapy probably feels the program is a simple series of repetitive exercises. HOWEVER, every item on the menu plays an important and essential role in producing the final product: AN INDEPENDENT, SUCCESSFUL STUDENT. 
The Essential Learning Systems program requires only a browser and a set of headphones. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to deliver high-quality Learning therapy over your standard internet connection.

 Program Details  

 Sense IT

SENSE IT -- IS THE CORE OF THE MENU. The four exercises -- 'LOOK, LISTEN,SEE AND SAY'; 'SEE, HEAR AND SPELL'; 'HEAR AND SPELL'; and 'SEE AND SAY' --offer the initial stimulation of the word patterns, auditory discrimination, visual perception, auditory and visual short term memory exercises andintegration among the senses.

 Duplicate IT 

Duplicate IT -- OFFERS SPACED TIME REPETITION of the word patterns just presented in Sense IT. The patterns start moving from word analysis toward sight word memory. Fine coordination of eye muscles are exercised for proper reading movements. Speech patterns change with correct modeling exercises.

 Choose IT 

CHOOSE IT -- BUILDS LANGUAGE FLUENCY. Word meanings become clear throughcontext clues from sentences produced visually only or with voice help. 

 Match IT

MATCH IT -- IS A FORM OF A TEST OF WORD MEANINGS. Sensory integrationoccurs while hearing an auditory definition, exercising auditory memory,visually decoding word patterns, imaging the meaning and matching that image toa definition held in auditory memory. 

 Repeat IT

REPEAT IT -- IS A WRITING EXERCISE that stresses auditory memory, sensoryintegration with motor skills (writing) and visual perception in writing andproofing. Endurance is exercised in moving from words to phrases to sentences. 

 Race IT

RACE IT -- IS A CULMINATING EXERCISE. It requires rapid decoding of thesame word patterns seen and exercised in the previous programs. Rapid decodingis required, leaving no time for word analysis. Endurance is increased as thenumber of flashes are increased. As the flash speed becomes faster, visualperception skills become sharper.
All parts of the menu are designed to work on a specific learning skill,but each are dependent upon the others for success.